Admissions FAQ

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Below are answers to questions frequently asked about Nightingale and our admission process. If you have additional questions, please contact us at any time at or (212) 933-6515.

How do I log in to the online application?

For Prospective Families

  1. Click on the "马上申请" button on the main admissions 页面.
  2. Select the blue "Create Account" link to create a username and password.
  3. After entering your basic information, select the "Create Account" button.

请注意,如果我们的系统在创建帐户过程中识别出您,您的电子邮件地址将以红色突出显示. If this occurs, please click on "Forgot Login?这将提示您输入您的电子邮件地址,以收到带有您的用户名和密码的自动回复, 哪一种可以让您完成在线申请并在录取过程中监控您女儿的进度.

For Current Nightingale Families

  1. Click on the "马上申请" button on the main admissions 页面.
  2. Enter your username and password for the Nightingale website when prompted.

What standardized tests do you require as part of the application process?

During the 2023-2024 admissions cycle, applicants to Classes II-IV are required to submit ISEE Primary II-IV scores. Applicants to Classes V-XI are required to submit either SSAT or ISEE scores. Scores are valid from April 1 of the prior school year; i.e., for the 2023-2024 academic year, all tests must be taken after April 1, 2023. To ensure Nightingale receives official score reports, Nightingale's ISEE school code is 333860 and SSAT code is 5340. Students are welcome to submit multiple score reports.

When are admissions materials due?

Admissions applications are due on December 1, 2023. All corresponding application materials are due on January 4, 2024.

Check out the application process -- Kindergarten, 课上我, 课上我I-IV, Middle School, Upper School.

In what grades do you accept new students?

We are accepting applications for Kindergarten–Class X for the 2024-2025 academic year. Candidates interested in applying for Class XI should contact the Admissions office before submitting an application.

What age does my daughter need to be to apply to Kindergarten?

Students applying for the 2024-2025 school year must be five years old by September 1, 2024 (exceptions will not be made).

Do you have strict birthday cut-offs for grades other than Kindergarten?

We do not have strict birthday cut-offs in grades other than Kindergarten, 但我们确实会评估孩子如何适应每个独特的班级和学生的构成.

What is Nightingale’s Gender Diversity Policy?

Nightingale is committed to being a girls’ school, 我们也相信,做一个女孩有很多方式,在和我们在一起的过程中,女孩可能会有很多改变. 我们强烈地感觉到,我们社区的力量在于我们学生群体的多样性, faculty and alumnae. 因为我们的创始人致力于前瞻性的思考和灵活的作为一个女孩是什么,可以在她的时间与我们和以后, 因此,我们现在的社区应该拥抱我们的学生在这里成长和发展的各种方式. 我们的最终目标是为所有南丁格尔学生提供一个安全和包容的环境,使他们能够在学术和社交方面得到发展.

No student is the same, most of our decisions as educators take the individual situation into account. It is t在这里fore in our best interest and in the best interest of those that we serve, to create a set of guidelines rather than a strict policy, 这将为我们与跨性别或性别不符合标准的学生及其家人的对话提供信息.

Those guidelines are the following:

The school will accept applications from students who identify as a girl.

Keeping in mind that continued health and wellness of each Nightingale student is paramount, 学校将很乐意与那些认为自己是男性或“性别不符合标准”的在校生进行对话,以确保南丁格尔继续是适合该学生的学校,并讨论学生的家庭和学校如何共同努力,为该学生提供最好的支持.

Does the admissions office require personal letters of recommendation?

No. Please refrain from sending personal letters of support. Information on required teacher recommendations can be found on the Steps to Apply 页面s: Kindergarten, 课上我, 课上我I-IV, Middle School, Upper School

Is attendance at admissions events required?

No. Attendance at admissions events is not required, but strongly encouraged. 我们认为它们是真正了解我们的学术项目和社区的最佳途径之一.

How do I meet current parents at Nightingale?

我们每年提供许多招生活动,在这些活动中,您将与当前的父母见面,并能够在非正式的环境中提问. Please check the Events portion of our website.

How many students attend Nightingale?

T在这里 are currently 710 students enrolled at Nightingale.

How diverse is the Nightingale population? The faculty and staff?

Nightingale actively seeks an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse student body. Over 30% of the student body are students of color. Currently, we have 44 faculty and staff of color (28.8% of the total).

Is Nightingale primarily a neighborhood school?

No. Although many girls do live in the area, students come from all parts of the city, including all of the boroughs, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester County. We have international students, as well.

Does Nightingale have organized transportation options?

纽约市教育委员会(New York City Board of Education)为K-6年级的学生提供往返学校的免费巴士交通(仅在曼哈顿), depending on how far away the student lives from Nightingale. Most often, 纽约市教育委员会的学生交通办公室可以为每个学生分配一个公交车站, but not always. Although this service does not pick up your daughter at your door, designated stops are usually within a few blocks of the student’s home. A parent or caregiver must meet the bus on the return trip in the afternoon. 居住在离学校超过半英里的家庭,如果不希望使用教育委员会的巴士服务,可以申请一张学生地铁卡. Qualifying students in grades 7–12 are issued a student Metrocard.

Private buses, shared with neighborhood schools, from downtown Manhattan, 布鲁克林, 皇后区, the Bronx are also available. For more information, please contact

Do you provide extended care for students after school?

是的, through Hobbyhorse, our extended day program.

Hobbyhorse offers a series of afterschool workshops Monday through Friday from 3:15–5:00 p.m. for Lower School students, Classes K-IV. Additional care is also available Monday through Thursday from 5:00–6:00 p.m. in the Thinkery (see below). 获得学费资助的家庭将按比例为霍比马提供经济援助. A sample of classes this fall include: Creative Cooks, Calligraphy, 国际象棋, Filmmakers Workshop, Robot Crafting, Lower School Orff Ensemble, 和瑜伽.

Additionally, Students in 课上我V-VIII are welcome to join the Middle School Thinkery. Thinkery is a place for students, Classes IV-VIII, 研究, 认为, play from the hours of 3:20–6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Thinkery为每天加入我们的思考者提供家庭作业帮助,监督(并参与)模拟游戏和社交活动. This is a service free of charge.

Thinkery旨在为学生提供一个与他们的学习和彼此建立联系的空间, also w在这里 students will find the support they need to become the most engaged, 勇敢的, curious learners and 认为ers they can be.

Thinkery每周在类似实验室的环境中为教师提供特定科目的学术支持,并通过我们的同伴辅导计划提供一对一的支持. In addition, Thinkery将试行两个新的浓缩项目,每月一次:Thinkery Talks, 这将是由社区成员和嘉宾演讲15到20分钟,分享他们所做的一些“酷”的事情,然后是学生Q&A, Thinkery Affinity Discussions, 学生将有机会参与由社区成员领导的讨论,庆祝他们共同身份的各个方面.

From 5:00–6:00 p.m., students K-4 are able to join Thinkery after HobbyHorse.

In what grade do sports start?

运动队从五年级开始,五年级到八年级被认为是不被削减的,以鼓励每个学生参与. Varsity and JV sports begin in 课上我X and include competitive try-outs. For more information on Nightingale 体育运动, please visit the 体育运动 页面.

Does the building have handicapped access?

是的. 校舍完全符合《赌博信誉排行十名大全》,并且是完全无障碍的, except for the stage and the roof.

How do I get to Nightingale?

南丁格尔-班福德学校位于东92街20号,在第五大道和麦迪逊大道之间. 看到 在这里 for directions and details.

What is your student/faculty ratio and average class size?

On average, our student-to-faculty ratio is 6:1, our average class size is approximately 12 students. In Lower School, reading and math groups average 5 or 6 students per teacher.

When are modern languages and the classics introduced?

Spanish is taught in Kindergarten and continues through 课上我II. Lower School students will spend a portion of their day learning and conversing in Spanish, preparing them for a life of global engagement. In 课上我V, in addition to Spanish, students are exposed to a trimester each of French and Mandarin, the student chooses a language to continue on with in the Middle School. 特别强调文化和使现代语言学习成为学生整体学习经验的一部分. Latin is introduced in Class VI, Greek is offered in the Upper School.

At which colleges do Nightingale seniors typically enroll?

我们的大学名单包括美国和国外最好的学习机构, the list’s diversity reflects the individual passions and interests of our graduates. Click 在这里 to view the list of schools our students have attended over the past five years.

What if my daughter receives test accommodations at her current school?

If your student currently receives accommodations at school, 我们鼓励家庭在申请过程中尽可能多地分享信息. 您的孩子不会因为披露这些信息而在录取过程中处于不利地位. 而, 如果你的家人决定在南丁格尔大学就读,我们知道如何才能最好地支持你的学生是很重要的. If your student enrolls at Nightingale, please know that the school has its own protocol and procedures for granting accommodations, 在以前的学校获得特定住宿的学生可能不会在南丁格尔得到完全相同的住宿. 家庭将在学年开始前咨询南丁格尔学习赌博信誉排行十名大全部门,以确定所有新生的最佳行动方案.

Still have questions? Reach out to us at any time.